Improving my Health and Prevention Score by Playing Soccer

This week, after about a 20 year hiatus, I joined an organized soccer league and played my first game.   Soccer became a serious sport for me in the 10th grade when I had the opportunity to live in the Netherlands while may father was on Sabbatical. After returning, I played for our high school team and one of the California state teams before going to college where classes ultimately got in the way of playing on the college team. Post college I continued to play in leagues for a number of years, but ultimately stopped except for some coaching of children’s teams.

While soccer continues to be a growing sport in the U.S. and is played by many children, it has not been able to catch on as well as a commercial venture. It is a great game nonetheless and I was very excited to get back into an organized league versus playing a few pickup games at the local fields.
Not only is soccer great exercise,

one calorie calculator estimated I would burn about 600 calories an hour, but by participating in the league it also assists me as a member of The Prevention Plan which is offered by my employer. As an individual or small business, if your company does not offer The Prevention Plan, you can purchase it at Sam’s Club.

A feature of The Prevention Plan is My Prevention Score, which is a measure of my health proactivity and composed of two parts, an assessment score and an intervention score. One of the many things I can do during the year to the intervention portion of My Prevention Score is to participate in organized sports or other community and social activities such as fund raising walks. At the end of each year the points I accumulated during the year doing various activities are added to the points I get from completing a year end assessment and this determines how much I will pay towards my company sponsored health insurance.  By participating in various healthy activities, I ultimately pay less, feel better and have fun at the same time.

Below is an example of The Prevention Plan and how this data is entered:

Now as to my favorite Dutch Team, its Feyenoord

About Fred Goldstein

President and Founder of Accountable Health, LLC. My background includes over 25 years of health care experience in hospital administration, health plan management, disease management and population health.
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