Small Business and Prevention/Wellness Programs

With all of the interest in prevention and companies around the United States and even the world looking to prevention or wellness (I use the term wellness here, although as explained in an earlier column it is problematic, but that is still what many people refer to when looking for these types of services) programs to lower health care costs and improve productivity; where is the small business to turn to find a quality product?

Typically the small business has had to rely on whatever was offered by their health insurer.  The problem with this approach is that there has really been little to no incentive for the insurer to provide a quality product or seek to get a high participation rate because the insurer has built the cost of these programs into their monthly premiums. Therefore, the lower the number of employees utilizing the services, the higher the insurers margin. In fact as a former small business owner insured by a major carrier, who will go un-named, I was not even made aware I had access to such a product over the 5 years I was insured. Even after learning about it and enrolling, the services provided were very minimal and did little to make my family or staff healthier.

If the small business has a broker, due to the size of the account, the broker typically cannot afford to spend a lot of time sourcing a program and even when they can, there are very few third party vendors with quality products for small companies.

This is where The Prevention Plan, now available at Sam’s Club can make all of the difference.  A small business can join Sam’s Club for a nominal fee, or if the business is already a member, they can then purchase this NCQA and URAC accredited product (prestigious certifications) with published demonstrated outcomes for $99 per year for each employee.

The Prevention Plan is HIPAA compliant which is very important because, along with the accreditations, this ensures that the employee can feel safe knowing that they are enrolling in a high quality program that will keep their information secure and will not share it with the insurer or their employer without express permission.

It’s really a win/win for both the employer and the employee.

Sam’s Club is now providing small businesses around the United States with access to a tool that companies can use to keep their employees healthy, lower their medical spend, improve productivity and provide another employee benefit in a relatively inexpensive manner.

So whether your small business has one employee, five, fifty or more; Sam’s Club makes available a program similar to those offered to large employers. The Prevention Plan for you, your family and your business.

About Fred Goldstein

President and Founder of Accountable Health, LLC. My background includes over 25 years of health care experience in hospital administration, health plan management, disease management and population health.
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